Error: Communication error: The Client failed to send packet. The socket has been shut down. [MsgId: MERR-10343]​ in loadrunner

Load Runner Agent Process/service starts at port 50500 and 54345 default port for monitoring/running vuser over firewall, it is port 443.apply netstat -an on the machine and check to see if 54345 and 50500 are occupied or free. If these ports are in used when you start the agent, you will get the above error.

You will need to shut down the application that is using those ports, so that the ports are freed before restarting Load Runner agent.

You may also get this error during replay if Load Runner agent of the host machine is connecting back to the controller using a port that is already bound. By default, this is a dynamic port and Load Runner agent will automatically try a different port.

Make sure the Load Runner Agent service is running on the Generator machine.

Verify the connectivity performing ping operation. Ping the LG from controller using name and IP and visa versa from controller to LG. Make a entry to host files mapping IP and name both in controller and LG .

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