Bugzilla-A Bug tracking tool

What is Bugzilla?
Bugzilla is a bug tracking system developed at mozilla.org.

How do enter a bug in Bugzilla?
To enter a bug, through "Enter a new bug" link from the main Bugzilla page. This will take you to a product selection screen.

What happens once enter a bug?
After you enter a bug, mail is sent both to you and the QA department. A member of the QA department will verify that they can reproduce your bug.

How do search a bug?
To search a bug, through "Query" link from the main Bugzilla page.

How do submit a patch?
The new Bugzilla system supports the attachment of patches, test cases, and various other forms of file types directly from the bug report screen. Just click on "Create an attachment"

Are cookies required in Bugzilla?
How can you view your assigned bugs?
We can view the assigned bugs though “My Bugs” link.

How can you generate bug report?
We can generate bug report through “Report” link.

When Bugzilla was released?
Bugzilla was released in 1998.

Which language was written Bugzilla first time?
Bugzilla was originally written in "TCL".

Who developed the Bugzilla?
Terry Weissman

Which language Bugzilla written?

What are the Bugzilla fields?
Bugzilla have 11 fields like-
  1. Product
  2. Component
  3. Version
  4. Platform
  5. OS
  6. Priority
  7. Severity
  8. Assigned To
  9. URL
  10. Summary
  11. Description

How can you edit your account in Bugzilla?
We can use "User Preferences" link.

How can you add new Product in Bugzilla?
We can use "Product" link for adding new product.

How can you add Components of product in Bugzilla?
We can use "Components" link for adding components in Bugzilla.

How can edit version of any product in Bugzilla?
We can use "Edit Versions" link.

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