lr_paramarr_random function in load runner

In performance testing, it is really important to simulate a realistic user path through an application. For example, randomly select an image link from a gallery or select a share from a share list. In such situations, you can use the LoadRunner lr_paramarr_randomfunction to select a random value from a captured parameter array. Similarly, you can also write a code to do the same.

Before you use the above function, you will need to use web_reg_save_paramfunction to capture all the ordinal values. This can be achieved by passing "ORD=ALL" into the function.

The following code demonstrates the use of lr_paramarr_random function. The code saves link Ids using web_reg_save_param function and then uses


This example shows how to get a random value from a parameter array.

char * FlightVal;


"LB=outboundFlight value=", "RB=>",







"Name=depart", "Value=London", ENDITEM,

"Name=departDate", "Value=11/20/2003", ENDITEM,

"Name=arrive", "Value=New York", ENDITEM,

"Name=returnDate", "Value=11/21/2003", ENDITEM,

"Name=numPassengers", "Value=1", ENDITEM,

"Name=roundtrip", "Value=", ENDITEM,

"Name=seatPref", "Value=None", ENDITEM,

"Name=seatType", "Value=Coach", ENDITEM,

"Name=findFlights.x", "Value=83", ENDITEM,

"Name=findFlights.y", "Value=16", ENDITEM,



The result of the web_reg_save_param having been called before the web_submit_form is:

Notify: Saving Parameter "outFlightVal_1 = 230;378;11/20/2003"

Notify: Saving Parameter "outFlightVal_2 = 231;337;11/20/2003"

Notify: Saving Parameter "outFlightVal_3 = 232;357;11/20/2003"

Notify: Saving Parameter "outFlightVal_4 = 233;309;11/20/2003"

Notify: Saving Parameter "outFlightVal_count = 4"


FlightVal = lr_paramarr_random("outFlightVal");

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