"HttpSendRequest" failed, Windows error code=12002 - Perf Center Error_load runner error

While running an internal application using the load runner Controller i was getting the "HttpSendRequest" failed, Windows error code=12002 - Perf Center Error .I solved these by following the below steps:

1.Check Vugen runs script as a process or running  vusers asa  thread?
You can check this in Run time settings-General-Miscellaneous-Multithreading then uncheck the value

2.Are you working with WinInet, and the error itself comes from WinInet API not specifically Vugen.We can see in part of the replay  errors comes from resources during the replay where they were timed out.
If we are forced to use WinInet then this will occur, but if you can use Sockets you may want to try that option instead or a Click and Script protocol.
you can uncheck the WinInet replay instead of sockets (Windows only) in the runtime settings-preferences.This will solve the problem.

3.And the another option is to use web_set_max_retries ("X") to increase the limit of 30 sec.You can place this before the action which is failing but  I wouldn't recommend that.

HttpSendRequest time out only occurres when any transaction takes more than 30 sec to connect to server. This default 30 sec time is because of the use of WinInet Replay engine. Thus this error pops up when you are running script with winInet replay and transactions are taking more than 30 sec. Only thing to get rid of this error is to fine tune the whole system and check the backend and servers to see any request que has formed up.


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Amaravathi Upendra said...

to eliminate this intermittent SSL and “not a socket” errors that occurs when replaying the LoadRunner scenario in the controller.

Modify your script(s) to include the following statements, these statement should be at the beginning of the script(s)


// Or



web_set_sockets_option("SSL_VERSION", "3");

The first line web_set_sockets_option("SSL_VERSION", "3"); forces the SSL connection to use SSL version 3 instead of letting the server suggest a version during the connection handshake.

The second line web_set_sockets_option("MAX_CONNECTIONS_PER_HOST","1"); forces a single TCP connection to stay live between the Load Generator to the AUT servers. Ending the possibility of errors when LoadRunner sends data across that connection, if the server try to prematurely shutting down an existing connection

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