CPU of Load Generator Exceeded 80%

Recently i ran in to a load test and i saw the CPU of Load Generator Exceeded 80% and here are the ways to find out the root cause:

There could be several things, but using 2008 machines on VMs is common. If you are using web vusers should be a small footprint.
  • Check if you have admin rights on the system or not?
  • Is CPU consumption above 80% during the entirety of the test
  • Check for any mismatch in versions in patch version
  • Try to run the agent using "Run as administrator"
  • Check for the mdrv process in the htask manager of the controller and the load generator machines while running the test
  • make sure to have the same patches level on every component, having a version mix is a real problem.
  • Please check if you have the following components installed on your LG machine McAfee Antivirus or  Symantec NetBackup

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ravi,

I have a query in the above article, If our LG Machine CPU memory exceeds 80%, how to resolve the issue or What are the changes make in the LG and Controller Machine's.

MacAfee antivirus was installed on our LG and Controller Machine's.