Shunra in load runner

Shunra NV (Network Virtualization) for HP Software is the only HP-certified solution specifically designed to accelerate and optimize application performance testing across WAN, web, mobile and Cloud networks. Shunra NV for HP Software integrates seamlessly into HP LoadRunner and Performance Center, enhancing the accuracy of testing by incorporating production network conditions into the load and performance test environment.

Shunra NV for HP Software enables an effective application performance engineering methodology, providing the capabilities todiscover and then virtualize real-world network conditions in the test environment, analyze test results in order to isolate potential bottlenecks, and automatically deliver custom performance optimization recommendations.

Shunra NV for HP Software features easy configuration, requires no script editing and places no limits on test scheduling. In addition, test results and data are automatically stored with HP results files and segregated by emulated location for precise and actionable analysis.

From within the familiar HP Software interface, organizations can leverage Shunra NV for HP Software to:

Discover production network conditions and access Shunra's global library of mobile and broadband conditions directly from Performance Center and LoadRunner.
Enable each load generator in a test environment to emulate up to 100 different networks or locations, thereby reducing or eliminating reliance on remote load generators while also making it easy to configure multiple networks in a complex environment.
Allocate bandwidth per virtual user in a load test, a critical element for mobile app testing where bandwidth availability is dynamic and varies for each individual user.
Aggregate test results into a single database for ease and completeness of location-specific analysis.
Extend testing scripts with a single click.

Automate reporting and analysis for Performance Engineers, Line of Business Owners and other business constituents.

Because performance is the number one factor influencing application use and adoption, and ultimately business success, accurate and reliably predictive pre-production testing is a requirement. Shunra NV for HP LoadRunner and for HP Performance Center provides the capabilities needed to achieve this level of confidence with performance testing.

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