Client Interview Question in Load runner

1) How you will get the requirements?

2) What is the differences between running vuser as a process and thread ?

3) Which functions are used in scripting ?

4) Work flow process of the perormance testing?

5) Have you used in controller ?

6) How you design a scenario in controller ?

7) Have written any functions in scripting ?

8) What are the bottlenecks you found?

9) Have you using goal oriented scenario ?

10) Tell me your project end to end process?

11) Tell me about your experience project profile

12) Your LR rating in 1 to 10 scale

14) What is protocol?

15) What is a memory leak?

16) Define Heap Usage?

17) Your past experience how many users you have run the test?

18) What are the bottlenecks you have find the current project? Tell me two critical bottlenecks

19) What type recommendations given to the client or stakeholder?

20) What protocol you worked in fast experience? How to work with that web service protocol in your project.

21) You have any use the heart beat settings did you used in current project?

22) How work is handled in the team?

24) You have 10 URLs? How to test the URLs in in at a time LR (i am not understand the Question)

26) You have any used the custom functions in your project?

28) When memory reach 100%, then ideally what you will think?

30) What type of reports and documents you have prepared? Explain the summary report.

32) Tell me the LR server requirements?

34) What type of analysis did you used in your projects? Tell me few observations and what parameter u have captured?

36) What you have done the Pervious projects? Explain the last project

38) What are other options in correlation function and did u used in your project?

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